Narconon Original

Gordan Wienand

After years of drugs and alcohol, I got busted in Phoenix, Arizona I then wound up at the State Prison in 1967. While there I met William Benitez. After several weeks of working together, he told me about a program he had started called Narconon. It was related to drugs. I told him about my history with drugs and drinking. He then invited me to attend a meeting.

“ The idea of getting out of my prison cell for two hours sounded good to me, so I went to my first meeting. In the beginning it seemed like a big joke. I took the reading materials back to my cell. The more I read about the effects drugs and drinking had on the body and mind, the more things began to make sense to me. I began to understand why my behavior was the way it was. Thinking about the times I was told I was no good, I would never be anything, “It was the knowledge I learned in the beginning that showed me that I had a lot of ability. I could confront any problem instead of running away from myself and getting high. I could deal with anything. Things began to change for the better.

“Several months before my release, Paramount Studios came to the prison to film a major motion picture. The movie was called “Riot” and featured the great Gene Hackman and Jim Brown. I had a considerably good part. Two weeks after the completion of the movie, I was released – and with a pretty good bankroll!

“Of you’re asking “Does Narconon work?”, I say, “Ask Gordy Weinand. I’m the living proof!”

“Upon my release from prison, I met up with William Benitez and 9other Narconon graduates in Phoenix, Arizona. We decided to move to Los Angeles. During that time, Bill got a job installing carpet. I worked with Bill for about eight years.” We decided to try and open a Narconon center. We found an old garage that needed a lot of repairs. It needed a lot of new lumber to keep if from falling down. Our desk was made of saw-horses with pieces of plywood for the desktop.

“We began by going out to schools, speaking to students about drugs. In between our work schedules we did everything we could to organize the new center. We were able to incorporate, and that became the basis of our expansion. Soon we were delivering a rehab program.

“From those humble beginnings, I learned what a great feeling it was to be able to help someone else. I have dedicated my life to being able to help others. I look into the eyes of children and tell them what great people they are.”