• The Narconon Program

    Since 1966 the Narconon Program has consistently produced success rates of over 76% – Over 5 Times the rest of the Industry.

  • Narconon Graduates

    Graduation from our program requires that a student has more than simply made it through the steps.

  • Drug Education

    It is the great hope and desire of Narconon that by increasing awareness of drug addiction through drug education

  • Program Founder

    Having tried all existing methods to escape his addiction, he continued to search...

  • Original Graduate

    After years of drugs and alcohol, I got busted in Phoenix, Arizona I then wound up at the State Prison in 1967. While there I met William Benitez.

  • Inspiration

    One of those books, titled “Fundamentals of Thought” was a self-help book written by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard.